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Laurent Wolf has dedicated his life to electronic music since he was twelve. He was discovered in Paris in 1992 by the prestigious Parisian club "Le Queen." There he was a resident for ten years.

In 1995, he released "House Train," which quickly became number one and showed that Laurent also had an undeniable gift for producing electronic music.
With six albums under his Name and countless singles, it was hard to ignore that he genuinely took the house scene by storm as one of its best DJ/producer.
In 2003, "Saxo" became an international hit, followed by the single "Calinda" that same year.
His consecration would come in 2008 with the album "Wash my world," his planetary success, "No Stress," propelled him to the top of the ranking and opened the doors to a world tour. He was one of the most in-demand DJs in the world in 2008.
After this fantastic year, he won the World Music Awards in 2009 in Monaco and was ranked 67th in the top 100 Dj Mag, the famous world ranking of DJs.
Taking a few years away from the world of the night but close to the studios, Laurent returns to the front of the stage, with new concepts and projects, in particular the idea of mixing image and sound, a unique concept in Europe, his show SpaceDisco, as well as new musical productions and its DJ sets, have made it a must-have on the French scene, marking several generations of electronic music enthusiasts.
In 2022, "Hello 2K22" signed again with Armada Music, and in 2023 it is

reaching the top of the charts this summer, especially on Radio NRJ, with the release of the Saxo remix, in collaboration with his longtime musical partner, Anton Wick.

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